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Who was Roman B. Sanchez?

Who was Roman B. Sanchez? The first Clerk of the Courts for Alachua County in the [new] State of Florida. If you check the website, Alachua County Clerks of the Circuit Court - Statehood to Present at:

Is this the son of John Joseph Sanchez?

Is this the Sanchez who appears in the man who appears in the 1860, 1870 and 1880 U.S. Census of San Francisco, California?

Inquiring minds want to know! Click the word "comment" below and let you opinion or knowledge flow.

Rafaela Sophia Sanchez

Rafaela Sophia Sanchez (1822-1887) is Francis Roman Sanchez' first daughter. She married twice, first to George F. Olmsted (1839) and then Lemuel Wilson (1842). Both the men were prominent in the community. The children from both marriages remained in the Alachua County area.

Her grandchildren may be in some of the pictures posted on the Alachua/Gilchrist County Family Photo Album at:

Friday, June 29, 2007

Spanish Land Grants

In 1821 Spain ceded Florida to the United States government. Prior to that date the Spanish King had granted land grants to individuals in Florida. This created a problem for the United States government that wanted to sell unowned parts of Florida to encourage development and recover some of the cost of purchasing Florida. In 1822 Land Office Commissions in St. Augustine and Pensacola were established to review the validity of the land grant claims and identify the land owner.

The claims files include a wide variety of documents that were submitted to the Land Office Commissions. Some of the files are in Spanish, but the are often accompanied by translations. The claims were finally sent off to Washington, but the State of Florida has microfiche copies in the State Archives in Tallahassee, and they have put the images online.

Sad to say most of the Pensacola claims have been lost.

Spanish Land Grant Claims documents can be founds at:

There are 14 listed with the SANCHEZ surname, but if you are searching a maternal line check the husband's surname.

As a bonus check out "Maps: Past and Present." These are examples of the old land grant maps, the early survey maps, and modern USGS maps. Plus example #1 Map is the San Felasco grant in Alachua County; Francis Roman Sanchez' ranch.

Florida Confederate Pension Application Files

If a man served honorably in the Confederate Military and lived in Florida after 1885, he could apply for a pension. The widows of these men could under some conditions apply for a continuation of the pensions. The conditions and forms changed over time.

The paperwork includes genealogical and historical information about these individuals. The paperwork is stored in Tallahassee in the State Archives. Electronic copies of these files are available online.

There are 11 of these files where either the husband's or wife's surname is SANCHEZ.

Florida Confederate Pension Application Files
can be found at:

Gadson Humphreys Sanchez

Gadson Humphreys Sanchez (1832-1926) is one of Francis Roman Sanchez' sons. The image comes from one of George W. Sanchez' descendants.

During the Civil War he enlisted in the First Florida Infantry, Company K (Pensacola Guards) on 2/8/1862 in Waldo. He was promoted to 2nd Corporal on 12/1/1862 and 1st Corporal in early 1863. He was absent sick since 8/30/1863 at Montgomery, AL.

He is listed as a prisoner on boarded the USS Sagamore in March 1864.

He applied for a Confederate Pension (A6195). You can see and download a copy the his pension application file from the State Archives.

I have Gadson's death reported in Brunswick, GA and also in Newberry, FL. Can someone help? Put it in the comments. May be the death and the burial are being confused in the records, I don't know.

The George W. Sanchez Bible

This image here is all that I have seen from the George Washington Sanchez Bible.

The report was that it is damaged and fragile.

If you know who might have the bible, it would be interesting to know. Your comment is always welcome.

George Washington Sanchez

George Washington Sanchez (1819-1903) was Francis Roman Sanchez' fourth son [child]. He was the one who completed the probate on Francis Roman Sanchez' estate. Both sons, Alexander Boneparte and Francis Palmer Sanchez lived to far south of Newnansville to conveniently represent the estate. John Joseph Sanchez, #3 son, initiated the probate but died before completion.

I got a copy of this photograph from one of his descendants. There is a family Bible that George Washington Sanchez started, however it is reported to be in bad shape.

If you look at his descendant's chart, he had three wives and numerous children. You should note too that the Civil War claimed several of them.

He served in the Indian Wars and got a land bounty, but that is good for a later post.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Los Floridanos

Who or what are the "Los Floridanos?" Hopefully you are. This is a genealogical and historical group based in St. Augustine that seeks members descendant from the first Spanish Period (1565-1763) in Florida. They have a website that isn't kept up to date, but gives you an idea of what they do.

The Los Floridanos Society can be found online at

I have met a several new cousins at their gatherings and also met some Internet cousins in person.

At the meeting in June they were trying to plan a gathering on a Saturday in October at may be the picnic area at the Fort Matanzas National Park just north of Matanzas Inlet.

They have monthly meetings with speakers at every other and discussion at the others.

If I hear a firm date and place, I will post it.

Colding Genealogy

We are luck there are lots of Sanchezes, but not so many Coldings.

Well according to our records Alexander Boneparte Sanchez married Louisa J. Colding on November 21, 1833. There is an online database that includes Louisa, her ancestors and her descendent nieces and nephews.

It is the Edward Breland - Ancestors & Family

I know that there were several Coldings in Alachua and Marion Counties. Some settled in the now central Pasco County area near Darby. But a lot moved into southeastern Hillsborough County. A good many of them are distant cousins.

The database also covers a number of descendants from the Sanchez-Colding union. It is worth a look at.

Welcome to OUR Blog

Yes, this is OUR blog. We share a heritage so lets share what we know about it. Some of us have pictures of some of our Sanchez ancestors. Others have done historical and genealogical research. I am guessing we have some story tellers who might like to share the legends of Francisco Xavier Sanchez and his descendants.

This is the first blog that I have started. I am guessing about the setup and may be modifying it.


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