Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sanchez Private Sanitarium

Last summer, I met Ed Whitehead and he gave me a picture postcard of the Sanchez Private Sanitarium in Barwick, Georgia. I intended to scan it and post it then, but things got in the way.

Here it is. Barwick is on the county-line of Brooks and Thomas Counties in Georgia. Dr. Simeon Edward Sanchez, M.D., a son of Alexander B. Sanchez, Jr., was the operator of the sanitarium. Dr. Sanchez's name appears in the records to the Thomas County Medical Society and occasionally in the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper at awards ceremonies.

I understand that the building has been torn-down.

This picture is linkable, which means that if you want a copy: move your cursor over the picture, click your right mouse button, select Save the image appearing in the menu that appears, and save it to a location on your computer.

Dr. Simeon Sanchez had a brother that was also a medical doctor, Dr. Butler Hall Sanchez, M.D. who practiced in Plant City, Florida.

I have a question. What was the sanitarium? a hospital, a TB facility, or what?