Friday, May 16, 2008

About the Hill ancestry in link to the right

I would be surprised if the ancestry that I compiled was completely correct and if anyone has anything different then please comment. Hill DNA (The first group is probably our close relation because of the person denoted as Hinton A. Hill.) Hinton info. The Hinton family has some prestigious roots and this site is the best that I have found. Samuel Matthews I’m sure there are better sources for information but an in an encyclopedia seems to impress importance more than a bunch of words from another place. Montague heritage

Who is George Warren "Buddy" Sanchez?

I found a picture of George Warren "Buddy" Sanchez in the Florida Photographic Collection of the State Archives of Florida, online of course. The details say that he was a State Senator from 1945 to 1951 representing Suwannee County.

Does anyone recognize him? Or better claim him as part of the Sanchez family?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jose Simeon Sanchez Law office for sale

A home on Marine Street that was used by Jose Simeon Sanchez for his law office is now For Sale for a mere $2.1 million -- but it does have a wonderful view of the bayfront. The link to the real estate listing is below.

Click on the "History" link to read about all the various Sanchez connections to the property. Several of Jose Simeon's children and grandchildren lived in it up until about the early 1940's.

The property probably has potential as an Inn given its location. Anyone interested exploring investment possibility can contact me via e-mail --

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Is there a story here?

The advertisement shown here is from an 1859 Augusta, Georgia City Directory. I checked the 1860 Census for Georgia. I found a Bernardino S. Sanchez living with his wife, child, and mother. Bernardino is 27 years old, born in Candem County. I would guess him to be the son of Bernardino Sebastian Sanchez and Dorothy Fitzpatrick, and grandson of Bernardino Sanchez Ortigosa and Maria Antonia Hill.

Are there descendants?

Is anyone tracking this branch of the Sanchez family?