Friday, July 20, 2007

What became of Francis Palmer Sanchez?

I have two stories and maybe someone can share a better one.

Francis Palmer Sanchez is the second child of Francis Roman Sanchez and his wife Frances, born about 1816 in St. Augustine. Records show him marrying Minerva Brown in Marion County on October 12, 1846. And probate receipts from Francis Roman Sanchez' estate show him in Marion County.

One story has it that he was one of the founders of Ocala, but later died in Cuba.

The other story has him initially settling in Sumter County near Adamsville before the Civil War, but after the War returning to Alachua, a widower, with his 3 children and later moving down to eastern Hernando County. The children are identified as Alexander, Elizabeth and Simeon.

I think there must have been two of them.

Any opinions or better references?


Anonymous said...

I was surprized to learn when I moved to Ocala, that the F. P. Sanchez Spanish Land Grant was located near my home. It was a heavy forest of live oak, pine, hickory, sabal palms, and red bud. Grape vines and Spanish moss decorated the pristine appearance of the expansive Spanish Grant. ]
That's the way it was when I moved here in 1982. In the past twelve years an upscale development was constructed in the West portion called LEMONWOOD. Soon another fine development in the East portion came into focus called
BELLECHASE. As I write, the Grace Episcopal Middle School in being built on F.P.Sanchez Land Grant property just off of CR 475 with the property donated by a Mr. Wilson. Within a few years the Spanish Land Grant has changed it's name to at least three new ones.
The forested reminder of earlier times is gone forever.
Delia Graham Cirino

Delia Cirino said...

I am a descendant of Francisco Xavier Sanchez. DGC