Monday, September 24, 2007

Tutorial on Blogging

I though all my cousins had ideas, discoveries, opinions and the like.

A blog is a cross between a website and email. You go and check on it like a website, but unlike a website you can contribute to it with things that look like emails. The messages have standard features like font choices, bold, italic, color print, linking to a website, text alignments, lists both numbered and bulleted, quoted texts, a spell checker, adding pictures and videos, and undoing most of what I just listed. If you know HTML, you can do more but that isn't necessary.

After you compose a message you post it and if you see and error you can correct it [I know that feature well.]

I help with the blog at my local genealogical society and prepared a tutorial for them:
The adding a link is the hardest feature for me. Adding pictures is easy and writing is good with a spell checker.

I sent out a bunch of invitations to join the blog. Your cousins might like to hear what you have to tell them. If your invitation is lost or expired, or I some how missed you, let me know I can send you a fresh one.

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