Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wife of F.R. Sanchez

I have been puzzled about the origins of Franchesca Young because there were so few people in Florida at the time. An adversary of F.X. Sanchez was Tonyn's henchman, Captain Young. The exodus of the English sen this guy to Bermuda and he did not seem a likely candidate to have fathered a daughter that would marry Francisco's son. It could have been a Romeo-Juliet but, I have my doubts. Henry Younge is someone that could have fathered a daughter but, I would expect to see a record because P.K Yonge was a descendent. Another Captain Young came with Andrew Jackson in the first Seminole War but the date doesn't match. The best fit may be from the Catawba tribe. Go to the following link, http://sciway3.net/clark/freemoors/Chapter4_The_Florida_Catawba.htm and you can see that Young is one of the surnames used by the tribe that migrated to Florida. I'm not sure it can be prove unless a DNA test does the trick but I thought some may find it interesting.

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