Sunday, May 4, 2008

Is there a story here?

The advertisement shown here is from an 1859 Augusta, Georgia City Directory. I checked the 1860 Census for Georgia. I found a Bernardino S. Sanchez living with his wife, child, and mother. Bernardino is 27 years old, born in Candem County. I would guess him to be the son of Bernardino Sebastian Sanchez and Dorothy Fitzpatrick, and grandson of Bernardino Sanchez Ortigosa and Maria Antonia Hill.

Are there descendants?

Is anyone tracking this branch of the Sanchez family?


Linda Kinchley said...

I am Mr Kinchley's great great granddaughter. i would like to know about Mr Sanchez.

Tom Santa Cruz said...

The advertisement was in a 1859 newspaper.

In the 1860 U.S, Federal Census for Savannah (3rd District), Chatham County of Georgia, I found I found Bernardino S. Sanchez, age 27, a Commission Merchant, of some wealth, born in Camden County, Georgia [Family 1787.] He is living with Mary J. Sanchez (wife), Infant (daughter), and Mrs. D. Sanchez (his mother, Dorothy Fitzpatrick). [This would be from NARA film M653, Roll 115, Page 232.]

In the 1850 U.S, Federal Census for New York City (17th Ward), New York County of New York, I found Bernard Sanchez, age 17, born in Georgia, living with other young men about his age in the household of a teacher (a school?). [This would be from NARA film M432, Roll 556, Page 361B.]

Checking military records, Bernardino S. Sanchez served in the Confederate Army.

From my notes on his ancestors I have his parents as Bernardino Sebastian Sanchez (1800, Florida -?) and Dorothy Fitzpatrick (1800, Georgia-?), his grandparents as Bernardino Sanchez de Ortigosa (1762 - 1813, Cuba) and Maria Antonia Hill (1779, Florida - 1827, Florida), his great-grandparents as Jose Sanchez de Ortigosa (1724, Florida - 1783, Cuba)[brother of Francisco Xavier Sanchez] and Antonia Petronila de Espinosa (Florida - ?), and his great-great-grandparents are Jose Sanchez de Ortigosa (~1690, Spain - 1750, Florida) and Juana Tedora Perez (1696, Florida - 1761, Florida)

Linda, please share what you know of Mr. Kinchley.