Sunday, May 4, 2008

Is there a story here?

The advertisement shown here is from an 1859 Augusta, Georgia City Directory. I checked the 1860 Census for Georgia. I found a Bernardino S. Sanchez living with his wife, child, and mother. Bernardino is 27 years old, born in Candem County. I would guess him to be the son of Bernardino Sebastian Sanchez and Dorothy Fitzpatrick, and grandson of Bernardino Sanchez Ortigosa and Maria Antonia Hill.

Are there descendants?

Is anyone tracking this branch of the Sanchez family?


Linda Kinchley said...

I am Mr Kinchley's great great granddaughter. i would like to know about Mr Sanchez.

Tom Santa Cruz said...

The advertisement was in a 1859 newspaper.

In the 1860 U.S, Federal Census for Savannah (3rd District), Chatham County of Georgia, I found I found Bernardino S. Sanchez, age 27, a Commission Merchant, of some wealth, born in Camden County, Georgia [Family 1787.] He is living with Mary J. Sanchez (wife), Infant (daughter), and Mrs. D. Sanchez (his mother, Dorothy Fitzpatrick). [This would be from NARA film M653, Roll 115, Page 232.]

In the 1850 U.S, Federal Census for New York City (17th Ward), New York County of New York, I found Bernard Sanchez, age 17, born in Georgia, living with other young men about his age in the household of a teacher (a school?). [This would be from NARA film M432, Roll 556, Page 361B.]

Checking military records, Bernardino S. Sanchez served in the Confederate Army.

From my notes on his ancestors I have his parents as Bernardino Sebastian Sanchez (1800, Florida -?) and Dorothy Fitzpatrick (1800, Georgia-?), his grandparents as Bernardino Sanchez de Ortigosa (1762 - 1813, Cuba) and Maria Antonia Hill (1779, Florida - 1827, Florida), his great-grandparents as Jose Sanchez de Ortigosa (1724, Florida - 1783, Cuba)[brother of Francisco Xavier Sanchez] and Antonia Petronila de Espinosa (Florida - ?), and his great-great-grandparents are Jose Sanchez de Ortigosa (~1690, Spain - 1750, Florida) and Juana Tedora Perez (1696, Florida - 1761, Florida)

Linda, please share what you know of Mr. Kinchley.

Sam Koenig said...

I am a second great grandson of Bernadino Sanchez and have extensively researched the family and relatives. Would be happy to share. I had not previously seen the newspaper ad from Augusta and am very pleased it was shared. Bernadino indeed was in New York and from which he took an extended trip to Europe - a portion of his diary from that trip I have. He married Mary Ann Bryson Jackson whose parents had died in Savannah in 1864 and 1867. Mary Ann and her sister, Elizabeth, were raised by their grandfather, William Elbert Jackson in Augusta. I have wondered how Bernadino and Mary Ann met and subsequently married 10 Nov 1857 in Augusta.

Tom Santa Cruz said...

Hi Sam Koenig,

I have not looked at the blog for several years and was surprised by your comments.

My software says I am a second cousin five times removed.

My information comes mostly from:
"Los Sánchez de Ortigosa: Orinudos de Valencia, España" by Rev. Juan Luis Sanchez y Hernández Gamboa in issue Winter/Spring 2009, pp. 12-23 (but look on page 19); (the information is in Spanish.)

Barnesville, GA has a history of serving as a hospital for Civil War soldiers. Many of the towns people cared for the injured and wounded soldiers in their homes.

The website shows Bernardino as being buried in Savannah, GA (Memorial ID 183877741)

It would be easier to communicate using regular email. My email address is tomsantacruz (at) without any spaces and normal symbols used.

alabamspitfire said...

Major Sanchez was killed in a horrific train accident on Sept 1, 1864 in what is now Lamar County GA. He is buried in a mass grave in the Wadsworth-Clayton cemetery with 31 other soldiers both union and confederate from that train. The trains collided head on in front of the Archibald Wadsworth plantation house. You can find the cemetery on google maps we are fighting to save it.

Sam Koenig said...

Maj. Bernadino S. Sanchez was indeed killed as a result of a head on collision of two trains on the same Macon & Western Railroad lines on September 1, 1864. Contemporary accounts from the railroad superintendent and print articles are available. Bernardino Sanchez's memorial tombstone is in Lot 550 in the Laurel Grove North Cemetery in Savannah. The inscription reads: "In Memory of Maj. B. S. Sanchez, Born at Cedar Point, FL 19 Apr 1833, Died in railroad accident near Griffin, GA September 2, 1864 while in the performance of his duty in the Army of the Confederate States. Faithful to his country." The tombstone was placed per terms of his mother's will. She died Nov. 1881 in Savannah. Both mother and Bernardino's wife, Mary Ann, are also noted on the tombstone. Cemetery records from the city of Savannah indicate that B S Sanchez's death was Sept 2, 1864 and his date of burial was Sept 6, 1864. This would seem to indicate that his body was transported to Savannah for burial following his death. All of the other individuals buried in Lot 550, with the exception of an unrelated infant, were disinterred and moved to the Bonaventure Cemetery in 1919.