Thursday, March 5, 2009

Two Mary Ann Coldings

I am offering this information to correct some databases that some Sanchez descendants have.

Louisa Colding the wife of Alexander Boneparte Sanchez (Senior) had a sister Mary Ann Colding. Samuel Gibbons reports her birth and death as 09 Apr 1812 and 15 Nov 1851, respectively. Mary's were often then nicknamed Polly.

She married Kinchen Syms (no record) and they had two daughters Georgia(nna) and Nancy L.

Mary Ann (as Polly) appears on the 1850 Florida Census Sheet for Marion County 2nd District, page 130 as part of the household of Ann Colding (her mother). Also listed are her husband and daughters.

There is another Mary Ann Colding in the area (Alachua County). There is a record of her marriage to Willis Chamberlin in 1839. There were three children 2 sons and a daughter. Mr. Chamberlin leaves. However this Mary Ann (also Polly) appears in the 1860 and 1870 Censuses in Alachua County. THIS MARY ANN COLDING IS NOT LOUISA COLDING'S SISTER. If the Chamberlins are in your database you might consider removing them.. She is likely a cousin of Louisa, but there are no familial known connections.

This information was clearly provide to me by Shelley Chamberlin.

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Shelley Chamberlin said...

Thank you for posting that Tom. I would like to make one correction, Willis and Mary Ann Chamberlin had THREE sons, John, George and Garrett and one daughter who died at 4 years of age. John and Garrett both died while Confederate soldeirs in the Civil War.

I would like clarification on how you know that our Mary Ann Colding is not the Mary Ann Colding that is the sister to Louisa.


Shelley Chamberlin