Friday, June 3, 2011

Remains of Old Stone Church have been Found

Archeologist have found the remains of an old stone church which predates the Castillo has been found at the site of the Nombre de Dios mission.

The St. Augustine Record reported, "Long-lost Church Found." And an AP story "Remains of St. Augustine church may predate fort" has appeared in newspapers across Florida and the South.

A more detailed report from the University of Florida, "UF researchers unearth only stone mission church in St. Augustine." This is a press release from those doing the excavating.

A Jacksonville TV-station, channel 4 also reported on the find. Archeologists Find 300-Year-Old Church. There is a video link.

These articles appeared today June 3rd so watch for more to come. Please point out any more detailed reports as comments or new postings.

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