Sunday, April 21, 2013

Connecting the News

Photo at Tomolato Cemetery of FX Sanchez descendants includes cousins connected to Manatee County  Asaph Graham (face slightly hidden behind Ann Browning) on back row, then next, Travis Sheffield and Rick Sheffield. Kneeling in front are Dee Graham, holding grandson, Anthony Quandt Judd. (Photo by Alena Scandura.)

Earl Sanchez of Plant City is one person to the right from Rick Sanchez. Where is Tom Santa Cruz, because  you were there? More photos to come, but if the rest of you send in IDs we can add them to the photo. Please excuse any lapses of visual-naming memories.

Manatee folks mentioned in Bradenton Herald blog 

      After our trip to Saint Augustine for the memorial honoring Francisco X Sanchez's new status with the Sons of the American Revolution, Bradenton Herald columnist Vinn Mannix ran this photo and a feature in his blog about these attending descendants with Manatee County connections.
      Even though I'm in the photo, my name isn't mentioned since I'm now working as a reporter for the newspaper. Thanks to Vinn, who also wrote about my dad a few times and does a great job keeping up with local history.

from Rev. Dee Graham
8th great granddaughter of FX Sanchez

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