Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jose Simeon (Joseph S.) Sanchez

I am descended from Francisco Xavier Sanchez through his youngest son -- Jose Simeon Sanchez. I will attempt to post the J.S. Sanchez lineage on the blog shortly. There was a detailed geneology commissioned by the family back in the 1950's that was conducted by Eleanor Phillips Barnes (perhaps a Sanchez descendant herself).

I live on Amelia Island and am currently researching Jose Simeon's role in the military actions that took place here in 1812 and 1817. In seeking a land grant from the Spanish governor for plantation property in Alachua County in 1818, he cites his service in the Spanish militia. The way he states his request, along with he fact that he had a long military career later in life, suggests he may have been a junior officer of the Spanish garrison in 1812 and perhaps a more senior officer at the Battle of Amelia Island (McClure's Hill) in 1817.


Tom Santa Cruz said...

I have a suggestion as to what documents will help you.

Go to the Online Spanish Archives:
Click the Busqueda Avanzada tab.
In the Buscar box type: “La Florida¨ militia.
In the next section select an archive. Choose Archivo General de Indias
Go to the bottom of the webpage and click the Buscar button.

The findings on the new page list the sub-archive, Papeles de Cuba, click this name.

The first two documents: “Listas de revistas y ajustamientos” and “Revistas de las compañías de milicias”. Additional detailed information is given by clicking the names.

Before you book your tickets for Madrid, the P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History at the university in Gainesville has this archive on microfilm. Also the St. Augustine Historical Society may have it as well [I can’t check online].

I think that the Spanish have updated their index so it may not match Gainesville copy.

And of course, this will all be in Spanish.

rareflorida said...

If I remember right Jose got a land grant for fighting off the MacGregor invasion. If you look at my comment under, 'More Land Grants,' you will see where I noted it for Francisco Roman Sanchez.

rareflorida said...

A possible research location that someone posted on a Sheffield board:
Notes and photosat copies taken fron the Archives, St. Augustine, FL and records in the Department of Agriculture, Tallahassee, FL. Some of these records were translated and taken to Tallahassee, FL after World War I. There are micro-films in the Archives at Tallahassee, and a large file marked "Spanish Protocol" in which there are numerous deeds, grants, wills, etc. in Spanish which have never been translated. All court copies and correspondence are photostats of records of the U. S. District Court, Northern District of Fl, St. Augustine, FL.

Tom Santa Cruz said...

Brad and Greg,
I went and checked my copy of James Cusick's, The Other War of 1812. Joseph S. Sanchez is identified at the bottom of page 267 as a 16-year-old lad who was evacuating and witnessed the setting fire of the Shipyard. The Patriots were offended with Francis Roman Sanchez who got a pardon and joined the Spanish side. They were burning their way back to Georgia. The reference given is the Joseph S. Sanchez testimony for the claims of Andrew Atkinson against the U.S. in the St. Augustine Historical Society record, MC-31-46.

rareflorida said...

Om, my comment was not about the Patriots but an incident 5 years later. I took this from wikipedia:

In 1817, MacGregor led a group of 55 men to capture San Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida from the Spanish. The Spanish were surprised and MacGregor's men overran the island on June 29, and MacGregor raised a flag with a green cross on it. He left a few months later to fight the Spanish.

Phila said...

This is great info to know.

W.A.S. said...

My name is William Albert Sanchez. I am the youngest son of Joseph Simeon Sanchez named after Jose Simeon Sanchez. My brother is Joseph Simeon Sanchez the 2. I am a direct descendant of Jose as well. It is nice to meet you. I know I am very late to this post, however I hope someone contacts me because I wish to learn more about my ancestors.