Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Edward P. Gaines Sanchez

There are some links on Footnote.com that have information on Edward P. Gaines Sanchez, son of Francis Roman Sanchez.

He is listed in the 1860 Federal Census for Connecticut, Hartford County, Hartford, 3rd District, page 59 during the Civil War.

He received a Union Civil War Soldier's Pension. He served in the 3rd Connecticut Infantry Regiment, Company A. It gives his death as 8 Jan 1919.


Tom Santa Cruz said...

Checking further, the 3rd Connecticut Infantry lasted 3 months. They made it to the Battle of Bull Run and mustered out the next month.

rareflorida said...

Most people move south or west so, I can only guess that he was against slavery or he acted as a trade agent for the goods in Florida. The Sanchez family had reason to be conflicted about race but anyone that reads about the Kingsleys knows the slave issue was more complex than commonly portrayed.

Tom Santa Cruz said...

Several of the younger Sanchezes visited Margaret (Sanchez) Olmsted's family in Hartford. He may have decided to stay.

After Francis Roman Sanchez died his guardian was George L. Brown. Brown had to sign for Edward's part of the estate in 1853.

Gene said...

Wow, does this make Sanchez against Sanchez? I have Francis X. Sanchez serving in the 1st Regt Cav of the South. And of course you have heard the story of Jose Sanchez' daughter and her bird in St, Augustine defying the Union officer?