Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Francis R. Sanchez, Collector of Lost Slaves

I came across an odd reference that lists Francis R. Sanchez as a collector of slaves that were left with the Creek Indians. The webpage is titles: Negroes brought into the Creek nation. The film refers to action between 12 Apr 1816 and 11 Apr 1818.

The webpage is part of an Creek Indian Researcher site.

This is almost off the topic except Francis R. Sanchez is involved.


rareflorida said...

I'm not sure collector is the best choice of words because it may have been his duty. The fact most slaves escaped to Florida because the Spanish offered rights not available in English colonies makes this more odd. The Creeks may have been selling back stolen slaves that they did not want.

Tom Santa Cruz said...

Greg, you are right. I was reaching for a way of describing him in this roll.