Thursday, October 30, 2008

Los Floridanos Picnic

I got an email today reminding me that the Los Floridanos Picnic will be happening on November 8 starting at noon at the Fort Matanzas National Park outside of St. Augustine.

This is a chance to meet some of your Sanchez cousins that you have never met.

The event is like what happened last year. Check this link.


Tom Santa Cruz said...

The turn out was poor for such a nice day. There may have been other activities going on that diminished the ranks of us picnic-ers.

floridamama43 said...

I did not get to make the event last year. When is the next event scheduled?

Are we connected to the Sancho Kings? I have done a lot of research and I think we have royal connections. Does anyone know for sure? Has anyone researched the Perez family? The oldest house "Gonzales/Alverez house" is connected to us on this side if I am correct. Are we related to Dr. Diego Alvarez Chanca. He was a doctor to Columbus. I believe that the Sanchez and Solano family are both of royal birth if I am correct and they are related further back.

Tom Santa Cruz said...

Floridamama43, you should check the recent blog information at