Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ancestors may be mentioned in Other's correspondence

In today's (Aug. 17, 2008) Heritage Hunting by Sharon Tate Moody (weekly feature in the Tampa Tribune) the article is Letters From Others May Mention Ancestors. She is pointing out that mention and stories of an ancestor can be in the letters of a relative, friend, official, or fellow soldier. She provides some tips at where to look.

I would like to ask for you to share information about caches of correspondences that mention our Sanchez kinfolk.

I will start with some collections that I have found:

  • The Joseph S. Sanchez collection [boxes] in the St. Augustine Historical Society - Research Library. There is correspondence from form numerous relatives (brother, sister, nephews, and others). One example is a letter from his nephew, George W. Sanchez, who writes his uncle about the death and burial of John M. Sanchez, Joseph's brother.
  • The Sanchez Family Papers in the P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History at the University of Florida in Gainesville has a lot of correspondence that Edward Carrington Francis Sanchez collected. His brothers were involved in businesses in Cuba.
  • The book, Z├ęspedes in East Florida, 1784-1790 by Helen Hornbeck Tanner, is a collection of translated letters that include mention Francisco Xavier Sanchez and include one of his. Many of the large libraries in Florida have copies of this book.
  • The probate files for Francis Roman Sanchez have a few letters. You will have to go to the Alachua County courthouse to see them. His probate file is large. Probate files are very informative. John M. Sanchez' probate file is at the court house too. It is unfortunate that in Florida, these old files are considered sensitive-data by the Florida Supreme Court.

If there are enough collections of correspondence reported, they can be added to something like the bibliography.

We have contributors and readers from cousins in different parts of the family tree. It would be good to hear from you. Anyone can add comments, just click "comments" on the next line.


Susan said...

My grandmother was Allie Lucille Polk. She was the daughter of Rella Sanchez (Polk). Rella Sanchez is the daughter of Alexander Sanchez Jr., son of Alexander Sanchez SR.

I had recently read the publishing "Double Cousins." They have my grandmothers date of birth wrong. She was born Sept. 26, 1901 and was married to a Frank Dan Weeks on Nov. 21, 1925. She died Oct. 30, 1987. If anyone needs information about her children, I have a list of births and dates of death. Also, I have been scanning newspaper clippings and memory notices if anyone is doing any research and needs this information.

rareflorida said...

Susan, this is your cousin Greg, please do not give out information like this because identity theft reasons. I do not belive it is wise to give out information about grandparents or closer. I think the genealogical sites have something about information within the last 100 years. I called yor dad and I hope he gives you a spanking because what you have posted here maybe dangerous and the information you are offering is very dangerous. Email me at