Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Aprender a leer otra vez

Learning to Read ... Again

Aprender a leer otra vez!

Although I haven't perfected my Spanish keyboard techniques yet, I'm excited to begin today my studies with Dr. J. Michael Francis, one of the country's leading experts of Spanish Colonial Florida.
He's letting me audit the class at the University of South Florida Saint Petersburg, in the Florida Studies Department  Florida Studies - USF Saint Petersburg . 

 It's my first step toward clarifying and updating DOUBLE COUSINS with a new chapter on Francisco Xavier Sanchez and his two spouses, Beatriz de Piedra and Maria del Carmen Hill. VIVA!

This time maybe I can shed more light on the "median Spanish" documents by reading them myself. There's definitely something to be said for being in the moment with one's ancestors when reading their own handwriting.

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Robert said...

Practicamente cuando se trata de aprender otro idioma es como aprender a leer por segunda ves.