Friday, May 16, 2008

Who is George Warren "Buddy" Sanchez?

I found a picture of George Warren "Buddy" Sanchez in the Florida Photographic Collection of the State Archives of Florida, online of course. The details say that he was a State Senator from 1945 to 1951 representing Suwannee County.

Does anyone recognize him? Or better claim him as part of the Sanchez family?


Tom Santa Cruz said...

The posting, "Site to Check Out" provide a link,, to letters between G. Warren "Buddy" Sanchez and Ferris Bryant. Political wheeling and dealing mostly. Nothing about the genealogy of G. Warren Sanchez.

Tom Santa Cruz said...

This is George Warren Sanchez. A Florida State Senator from Live Oak (District 17) between 1945 and 1951.He is the son of Warren and Irene Sanchez of St Augustine; grandson of Jose Simeon and Maria Sanchez of St Augustine; great-grandson of Francisco Manuel and Julia Sanchez of St Augustine, 2x's great-grandson of the Joseph Simeon and Maria Sanchez of St Augustine; 3x's great-grandson of Francisco Xavier and Maria del Carmen Sanchez of St Augustine; and 4x's great-grandson of Jose and Juana Sanchez de Ortigosa of St Augustine. The Photo is from the Florida Memory Project.