Thursday, August 14, 2008

Site to check out

I received 59 hits by searching for Sanchez on this Florida Heritage Collection site and 3 look interesting to me. The document called, "Petals Plucked from Sunny Climes," has F. R. Sanchez basically declaring war on the Seminoles after the Indian kill 3 people that happen to be have surnames I'm related to like Dell and O'Steen. One document is about Fort Diego and another about the purchase of Florida may be of interest. One claim I saw several years ago said West Sheffield had in his possession a deed of Florida and if this is true it probably came from the Sanchez line because the Sanchez family was much more prominent i that period of time. The deed is supposed to be in Starke. Warren Sanchez has several letters in the site's collection, as well. Some of you may recognize Sanchez's I'm not familiar with if you do a site search.

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Tom Santa Cruz said...

That link did provide a little more information about, G. Warren "Buddy" Sanchez. He was closely connected to
Ferris Bryant, several letters are found in the search.