Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bibliography & Descendant Chart Updated

One bibliography has reference to source directly connected to the Sanchez Family and the other bibliography refers to reference not having Sanchez Family connections, instead information on the world they lived in.

The descendant chart for Francis Roman Sanchez was also updated. It is no longer abridged. Alexander Boneparte and George Washington Sanchez' families are included.

These improvements come from the suggestions of family members. If something is missing something significant, make a comment so that it can be added. If something is a mistake, make a comment so that it can be corrected.

Hopefully you will not find yourself in the chart. An effort has been made not to include living descendants. And we do have some long-lived cousins out there.

I wish I could include our St. Augustine cousins, but my information is incomplete.

These updates are only four months later than planned.


Dree said...

Hi Tom, Thanks for the update! I hope to actually look at it soon :) I didn't even know about this blog, but got your email today (and forwarded it to my sil). I doubt I have anything to add, but I haven't looked at Sanchez/Haven in a couple of months. I too love try to check it every month for folks who may have been added!

rareflorida said...

Good job and thanks Tom. I have a Hill genealogy but it is rather large and I'm sure ther are several errors. If anyone wants it, I could send a .paf or .ged file. A Hill came with John Smith to Jamestown but I haven't proven the man is our ancestor but he is probably related. The Hinton family dates back to the Battle of Hastings and if my info is right, our Hinton ancestor visited Jamestown prior to the establishment of the colony.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

I dont know if you still monitor this site or get the emails forwarded. I wanted to pass on that the links to all the genealogy on the descendant charts and bibliography
are no longer there. As of September 30, 2014,
the Verizon Site Builder tool has been decommissioned
and all online Personal Web Space pages have been deleted.

I wanted to cry when I saw that the first time long ago. I do think the descendant chart copy I have happens to be from here via my relative.

Bibliographies and Descendant Charts relating to Francisco Xavier Sanchez and his descendants

1. Bibliography - A list of books and online resources for finding Sanchez Family information
2. Bibliography - Generic books and online resources covering the events and places relating to the times of the Sanchez Family in Florida
(This one is still good 3. Jose Sanchez de Ortigosa y de Giles' Descendants)
4. Francis Roman Sanchez' Descendant Chart
5. Related Family: Andrew Haven's Descendants
6. Ancestry of Maria del Carmen Hill
7. Alexander Bonaparte Sanchez, Jr's Descendants
Links found in the Blog