Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DNA Links to the Family

With the rest of the information on this blog using historical events or current happenings, DNA is a little out of place or is it.

The following are the Mitochondrial DNA [mtDNA] results for a maternal descendant of Louisa Colding:


  • 16256 - T
  • 16519 - C

  • 93 - G
  • 263 - G
  • 309.1 - C
  • 315.1 - C
Louisa Colding is the wife of Alexander Boneparte Sanchez. Maternal descendants are all of their children, the children of their daughters, the children of the daughters of their daughters, the children of the daughters of the daughters of their daughters, and so on.

Who else might have this code as a match? Other maternal descendants of Louisa Colding's maternal ancestors.

It is claimed that the maternal DNA is more stable over the generations than the paternal. This is due to the way eggs and sperm are produced in humans.

Don't just rush out their and have a test done, it costs about $150 for just mtDNA. [For females this is the only genealogical DNA test. Certainly they inherit DNA from their father, but not what is tested for genealogically.] A cheaper alternate would be to submit a sample to the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation [www.smgf.org/]. Then see if you match. Check the website for participation. Two important caveats are: you will not be given results, however your results will be searchable in the database, and your sample may be used for other tests (they claim they don't share the results.) Paternal DNA [yDNA] can also done this way.

I haven't found any paternal DNA information from this Sanchez line. If someone has some results, it would be interesting to compare with others. "To compare" is the reason it was done in the first place, isn't it. Realize you must be a male with the Sanchez surname for starters.

  1. Are there any matches to the Louisa Colding results?
  2. Are there results from other Matriarchs in the Sanchez family?
  3. Are there any Sanchez paternal results?
DNA is a complicated topic. The Sorenson website explains a lot about it, even if you don't participate.


rareflorida said...

I thought I saw your DNA results about a month ago when some kind of article ran. I wish we could see more in the results. My DNA would not give anymore info than yours, I don't think.

rareflorida said...

They don't share the results but I was able guess that you were the likely source. I don't think your security is at risk but some people post too much info on their site.