Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yulee Railroad Days 2008 [Friday, May 30 - Saturday, June 7]

Driving through Archer recently I saw a hand painted sign "Yulee Days - June 7."

The celebration is over the railroad that connected Cedar Key with Fernandina. The railroad was completed about 1860 and built through the political efforts of U. S. Senator David Levy Yulee.

Francis Roman Sanchez knew the Levys especially in court.

The old railroad bed is State Road 24 (Archer Road) and a short distance west of the intersect of US-27 (University Ave.) is the Davis Center of the Santa Fe Community College, looking northwest from the Davis Center parking lot into an open field is where Alexander Boneparte Sanchez' farm was located.

After the War between the States the railroad provided an access to other places outside Archer and Alachua County. And later some descendants worked on the railroad.

It is over a week long celebration with activities all along the railroad. However June 7th the last day appears to be the big day.

Check the Yulee Railroad Days 2008 out and may be see some cousins there.


rareflorida said...

I may make it and if I do I may bring a protest sign. I think there could have been an inheritance if they would have put the station at Newnansville instead of Orlando. What would those property values be?

rareflorida said...

I guess it was Gainesville not Orlando that got Newnansville station. I did notice the Dell brothers got a mention on Wikipedia when I rechecked my info.